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Songwriter, guitarist and singer Michael Crimson makes mind-bending music that flows beyond the boundaries of progressive rock, pop, glam, folk, the Blues and classic rock into fresh dimensions. The artist’s groundbreaking songs feature otherworldly guitar melodies that ring out above a multitude of instrumental harmonies and rolling rhythms that explode together into an expansive universe of sound. Through his vivid and versatile voice, Crimson conveys the eloquent emotions sparked by his brightest and most personal memories. Each of his sophisticated songs is a story brought to life by powerhouse guitar passages that show his dexterous playing and belief in the boundless possibilities of the instrument. He invites audiences inside his emotion-charged imagination through energetic and intimate live performances and envelops them in the rich sonic layers of his lush, carefully-crafted recordings.

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  1. Viperine Hair Michael Crimson Buy 0:22
  2. Weeping Window Michael Crimson Buy 0:31
  3. The Dungeon Michael Crimson Buy 0:31


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“An opening statement this eloquent and absorbing
does Michael Crimson enormous credit.”
– Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine
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“This guy has the opportunity to go really far.”
– Elias Leijon, Sticky Fingers
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“The 10 tracks reveal a skillful, subtle guitarist”
– Tom Dixon, Ramzine
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