Seashell Eyes

Michael Crimson
  1. Seashell Eyes -:-- / 3:40


With her eyes like the seashells in the ocean
And her skin like a shore of golden sand
And her hair like the western waves in motion
Will my heart ever win her graceful hand?

With her face like the moonlight on the river
And her voice like the bells of Notre Dame
And her heart like a gift the gods deliver
Will my ears ever hear her holy name?

With her spine like a range of rocky mountains
And her waist like the valleys of the South
And her soul like the fruit tree by the fountain
Will my lips ever kiss her rosebud mouth?

With her scent like a field of fragrant flowers
And her smile like the diamonds in the skies
And her neck like the mosque’s majestic towers
Will my glance ever catch her seashell eyes?