What Would You Say

Michael Crimson
  1. What Would You Say -:-- / 4:10


What would you think if the mountains would sink
Into the sea and dissolve like snow?
Would you bemoan that the sun never shone,
That the moon and the stars did not glow?
What would you think?

What would you see if your hand turned the key
Opened the door on the room of romance?
Would there be rings, burning candles and strings
Or would your lover and Death do a dance?
What would you see?

How would you feel if the Reaper would steal
Your own true love in the middle of the night?
How would you feel if the wounds did not heal
Or if your soul would go out like a light?
How would you feel?

What would you say if your love passed away?
What would you do if the nightmare were true?
How would you feel if a thought so unreal
Entered your head and explained that she’s dead?
What would you say?